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Through the Looking Glass, Dimly

Andrew Follows image from Reclaimed Series 2011 (above), Rosita McKenzie Tree of Light 2011 (below)

Andrew Follows (above) from Reclaimed Series 2011 , Rosita McKenzie (below) Tree of Light 2011

Edinburgh | Australia | 2011 – 2012

Through the Looking Glass, Dimly
was an international collaboration project between Contemporary Art Exchange and blind photographers Andrew Follows (Melbourne) and Rosita McKenzie (Edinburgh). The project featured an exhibition, artist-led photography workshops and other events run over 2 weeks as part of the 2012 Edinburgh Art Festival.

Andrew’s hunger for travel and Rosita’s passion for collaboration were the driving forces behind the project, and key to the rationale behind Contemporary Art Exchange’s involvement. We also wanted to do something a little bit different for the Art Festival: to reposition artists often found on the periphery, to the center of mainstream contemporary art, and question the preconceptions about what visual art should be and who has permission to create it.

Follows and McKenzie were drawn together by their experiences of visual impairment, an interest in night photography and the effects of fire on the natural environment. Their intriguing and fascinating images of the everyday challenge the notion of sight, perception and knowing and question the presumed role vision plays within creating contemporary art.

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Andrew Follows’ Mini-Residency


Many thanks to all our fabulous sponsors:

Edinburgh Art Festival, Ian Potter Cultural Foundation Trust, Australian Communities Fund, Auspicious Arts Projects, Arts Trust Scotland, Federation Square, Nilumbilk Shire Council, Pack n Send Eltham, Cross Country Rail, Scotrail

…and to the following partner organisations and individuals:

Blinkie Photography, Rosita McKenzie, Julie Clyde and The Old Ambulance Depot, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Stills, Margaret Fisk OAM, Betty Amsden OAM, Guide Dogs Victoria Yarra Ladies Auxiliary, Besen Foundation, Jim McKenzie, Fay Williams, Mike Halcrow, Alan and Joanne Boyd, Alan Davidson and Rule Anderson, Dr. Marcus Bunyan, Atalanti Film Productions, Guide Dogs Edinburgh, Narbethong CFA, Street Wise Opera London, Aliegro Graphics, Jet Pets International, Eltham Stock Feed, Pelican Products Australia, RMIT University Melbourne, Boot Hill Gallery/Printing/Framing, Photography Made Easy Melbourne, Morwenna Kearsley, Caroline Douglas, Roderick Price, Hanna Dickmann, Trudie Kampe, The Portobello Bowling Club, Janine Matheson, our wonderful volunteers (Stuart Russell, Usman Malek, Iga Bozyk, Laura Mortimer, Phillip Arnott, Laura Davis, Lizzie Harris, Kirtsen Mains, Jessica Rae and Ingrida Danieliute) and last but not least David Brehme.