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Through the Looking Glass, Dimly | Talks

Rosita McKenzie giving her presentationEdinburgh | August 2012

Andrew Follows and Rosita McKenzie Artists’ Talk
Sunday 5 August, 2-4pm at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

This event saw Rosita McKenzie and Andrew Follows present their work leading up to the Through the Looking Glass, Dimly exhibition and discuss various aspects of Blind photography project curator Kate Martin and Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop staff.

Andrew Follows and Dr. Glenn Matthews (RMIT)
New Camera Technology Presentation
Wednesday 8th August, 6.30pm at Stills Gallery

Andrew Follows and Dr. Glenn Matthews, Lecturer in Electrical and Computer Engineering at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) presented their research on a digital camera voice assistance device they have collaborated on over the past 2 years. This was the first time this new technology was presented outside of Australia and gave the audience the opportunity to view the device prototype that will enable people with vision impairment and other disabilities access to modern photographic equipment.

Andrew Follows presents his work and what voice enabling technology would mean for his practiceDR. Glenn Matthews presenting the new voice enabling software

Dr. Glenn Matthews and Andrew Follows discussing the prototype's effectiveness

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