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Through the Looking Glass, Dimly | Mini Residency

Edinburgh | August 2012

From Monday 13th to Wednesday 15th August, Andrew Follows embarked on a mini-residency near Fort Augustus in the Scottish Highlands as part of the Through the Looking Glass, Dimly project. For Andrew, one of the most important aspects of travelling to Edinburgh for the project was the timing РAndrew has Retinitis Pigmentosa a degenerative eye condition Рhis recent travels to Great Britain (which are his first travels outside of Australia) mean that this might be his last chance to literally see Great Britain again.

Having documented so much of the highlands in Australia’s state of Victoria (which is roughly the same size as the whole of Scotland), it seemed a wonderful opportunity to organise a trip up north for Andrew to make his own comparisons. Andrew’s photographs will form a new body of work that he will present in an exhibition in Melbourne in 2013 – details will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed.¬†



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