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Inhabitants at Cryptic Nights 2012, Glasgow

Edinburgh | Glasgow | Geneva | 2010 – 2011

From 2010-11 I was the Project Manager of Inhabitants, a collaborative dance performance project between Cagoule Productions, set designer/artist Adeline Bourret and Melbourne sound artist Roderick Price. The performance Inhabitants explored the effects of isolation and decay and questioned the physical and psychological parameters of inhabiting space.

Abby Warrilow of Cagoule Productions is a choreographer whose work is enchanting, magical, and at times disturbing. The movement contains a soft tenderness mixed with quirky and intricate accents. The dancers are pushed to the extremities of their physicality while expressing subtle and delicate emotions.

Inhabitants expresses the mystery and darkness in nature, themes such as desolate, eerie, environments, decay, glimpses of light confusing the eye. The characters are feral creature existing in the shadows of forgotten dwellings.

During my time working on Inhabitants, I organised one international and one Scottish debut performance of Inhabitants both in 2011 and provided research, fundraising and promotion work. I travelled to Geneva with Cagoule Productions for the Inhabitants debut as part of the Mapping Festival in Geneva on Friday 27th May, and to Glasgow in July 2011 for CCA’s Cryptic Nights programme.

Images courtesy of Cagoule Productions, Mapping Festival photographers Melanie Groley and Edvokia Reymondin and Kate Martin.